Apr 142011
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Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant

You may have read the article about Stephanie Seymour and her husband, Peter Brant reconciling. If not here is an excerpt from the Huffington Post:

Page Six writes that Seymour told Town & Country‘s May issue that their happy ending was due, in part, to an Indian blanket Brant quite liked that she gave back to him as a sort of truce.

According to the gossip column, Seymour explained, “The ‘dirty fight’ is all about winning, not healing. It’s fueled by people you’re paying. It is the lawyers talking and not you.” She told Brant that she wanted to get rid of all of the outsiders, remarking, “I have more confidence in you, and I would hope that deep down you would have more confidence in me, that we can work this out.”

She added that she and Brant are still occupying separate houses and that the whole family is in therapy. Read the rest at Page Six.

Congratulations to Stephanie Seymour for holding her marriage together.  It’s not often  that someone in Hollywood decides to quit listening to all the outsiders and do what’s best for their family.  People get so caught up in the fight and what they feel they’re entitled to that they forget the other person is a person. A person they once loved and vowed to stick by through good times and bad.  Sometimes all it takes is one small gesture of kindness that prompts the other person to do the same.  Hopefully she will inspire other people who are going through a divorce to stop the craziness and reconsider their vows.  What do you think?

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