Oct 112011

Day 2 –  Pray.

Ask God to intervene in your marriage and make it happy. Ask him every day. If praying is not something you are use to doing, it’s ok, do it anyway! Remember, you committed to changing what’s not working and to try new things so here’s your chance. Pray for God to turn your marriage into the ideal marriage you wrote about. If you’re not sure how to pray, these are wonderful books of prayers you can just repeat until you are comfortable saying your own. The Power of a Praying® Wife Book of Prayers (Power of a Praying Book of Prayers) or  The Power of a Praying® Husband Book of Prayers (Power of a Praying Book of Prayers)

Pray during arguments.  As your spouse is talking, you pray. Ask God to intervene and help the situation. Then be quiet and let God handle it. Don’t feel the need to defend yourself and argue back, just pray and give it to God. Start small and see what God can do. As you see he will handle the small arguments, it will be easier to let him handle the enormous issues.

Spend 30 minutes every day with God, preferably in the morning. Read part of the bible or find a book that has daily reading in it. One that I read when I was starting my journey was If Not for the Grace of God: Learning to Live Independent of Frustrations and Struggles, it changed my thinking completely (which is what I needed).
After reading, quiet your mind through meditation. You will find that after clearing your mind, it’s easier to hear what God has to say to you. Sometimes it will be in a thought or maybe you’ll pick up another book and your answer will be there. If you don’t quiet your mind and make it available to God to answer you, how will you ever hear from him?  It’s like asking questions all day and never listening to the answer because you won’t stop talking.

Pay attention to answered prayers. Keep a journal of prayers and any answers. This will help you down the road when you have a huge problem and you’re not sure God is going to handle it. You can pull out your journal and be reminded of all the times he has handled your prayers before.

Day 2 assignments-

1. Pray everyday for help with your marriage.

2. Pray during arguments instead of fighting.

3. Spend 30 minutes everyday in a quiet spot praying and meditating.

4. Keep a journal of answered prayers.



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May 052011

Do you know what your perfect marriage looks like? Do you know exactly what you want? If you don’t know what you want how are you ever going to get it? Before I started visualizing, I had a vague idea. I mean I just wanted to be happy that’s it just make me happy. I didn’t really know specifics or what would make me happy. After reading a book on visualization it made sense to me, so I decided to give it a try.  After really thinking about it, I got out my journal and wrote out what happiness meant for me. How I wanted my husband to be, how I wanted to feel, how I wanted to behave,etc. I got very specific. I wrote out my vision long before I was actually happy. In fact I wrote it out when we were having some serious marital problems. Knowing what you want and releasing it to the universe changes things. It puts out a clear intention and things move to makeyour intention a reality. It didn’t happen overnight, I didn’t wake up the next morning and boom my life had changed, in fact I didn’t even realize my life was changing. I read what I had written about a year after I wrote it and I couldn’t believe that 95% of it had come true.  Since then I have written out a new vision for my life and this time I’m reading it daily and adding emotion to it, feeling what it will feel like when it’s all true. Things are already starting to move in the right direction. It’s amazing what happens when we have clear dreams and can visualize them. So why not take advantage and use it to improve your marriage? It worked for me. I would love to hear your stories about how visualization has worked for you or just keep me updated on your progress. Please comment and let me know.

The following ads are not endorsed by me but I do receive money when clicked.
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