Marriage Mentoring


Are you in a miserable marriage?

Do you walk on eggshells around your spouse so you don’t set them off?

Are you the one who is unhappy and hard to live with?

Do you avoid talking about things with your spouse because it will most likely lead to an argument?

Do you want to fix your marriage but don’t know how?

Marriage mentoring can help!

My marriage was in this situation a few years ago. We went to marriage counseling for years. It didn’t work. Sure it would make things better for a little while but nothing seemed to stick. That’s not to say that marriage counseling doesn’t work for anyone, it just didn’t work for us. Plus we spent hundreds of dollars just to make things better for a short period of time, but never really fixed the problems.

There are specific things that I did to save my marriage and make it happy. I have mentored many people using the same steps I took to save my marriage and have helped them regain their happiness and fix their marriage.

I would be honored to be your marriage mentor. My goal is to improve your marriage and help you be happy.

My fees are $60.00 per individual 55-60 minute phone session. I will email you an initial questionnaire that will provide me with a lot of background information so during our first session we can immediately dive into your concerns.  I want to help you as quickly as possible!

If you think marriage mentoring is a good fit for you, or you have additional questions,  contact me for more information.

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