May 022011
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Are finances one of the biggest issues in your relationship? Well you’re not alone. Finances were and still are one of the biggest potential fight areas in my marriage. Most relationships I know can use help in this area.

I’ve learned a lot in the past few years about why it’s such a touchy subject and ways to peacefully work it out. A major shift in dealing with our finances came from a book I happened across at the Goodwill. I often go to Goodwill just to look through the books and hopefully find a treasure for $1.00. Finding this book that appeared to be brand new was a lucky find for me for sure. It is called “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. I started reading it and immediately loved it. You know one of those books that you read and you think “this book was written just for me, I needed this so bad right now”  Well it was one of those moments. After reading the book I went to the website and found out they offer a free 3 day seminar that solidifies and expands on the book.  I was so excited that the seminar was free! That’s one of my favorite words! I called my best friend and talked her into going with me. She hadn’t read the book but trusted me and off we went.

It was an intense 3 days. 7AM to 7PM with a one hour lunch break and two 10 minute breaks.  The seminar really dove deep into my beliefs about money and how that is shaping my financial picture. It taught me how to determine my financial “blueprint” and then how to change it to help me achieve what I wanted.

I didn’t realize how many beliefs about finances I had that were so limiting. I am the classic “saver” in our relationship and my husband is the classic “spender”. As you can see just by the names, my husband and I were not on the same page with our finances.  Knowing these different roles and how they interact with each other really opened my eyes and helped me to deal with money differently. It has helped me work with my husband instead of against him. I’ve had to learn to have fun with money and it’s ok to “blow” money when it’s in the plan. Dale has had to learn to stick to a plan.  We are by no means perfect with our finances but I can say we haven’t had a financial argument in a long time! This is amazing since it used to be a bi-weekly occurrence when the paycheck came in.

I highly recommend going to a free seminar. Just click here then click reserve my seat. There will be a box to pick a venue.  If there is not a venue near you, I suggest you take a road trip. The seminar is free so take advantage and get a cheap hotel nearby. (you won’t be in it much) I guarantee you this will change the way you think about money forever!

If you’d like some information first, check out this other free information:

For a free 30 page guide written by  T. Harv Eker based on his book click here.

For a free 50 minute tele-seminar about the 4 deadly money mistakes by T. Have Eker  click here

Please let me know if you attend the seminar or take advantage of the other free offers. I’d love your feedback.


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